Election Law

At JRMogil Law, we’re more than just election law attorneys - we’re former candidates ourselves.

We understand that running for public office is one of the most important and stressful decisions you will ever make. Whether you are a potential candidate or a seasoned incumbent, our attorneys can help you through every stage of your campaign.


You’ve made the decision to run, but now what?

Let JRMogil Law guide you through the process of setting up a campaign. We’ll assist you with reviewing candidate eligibility requirements, the preparation of committee formation filings and setting up a bank account. We’ll also protect you as you grow your team by reviewing staff and vendor contracts and drafting non-disclosure and data protection agreements. We offer training and guidance on fundraising and reporting requirements and can work with you to ensure you comply with all disclosure and filing deadlines.


If Election Day is the most important day of your campaign, nominating petition filing day is a close second.

We’ve seen countless first time candidates spend weeks collecting signatures only to fail to make the ballot because of technical error in their papers. With JRMogil Law, ensure that legal issues don’t cause a premature end to your candidacy. Our attorneys can provide nominating petition training to staff and volunteers, petition review, and assistance with preparing financial disclosure filings to ensure your place on the ballot.

Facing a petition challenge? Looking to file a petition challenge? Petition challenges are costly affairs and are frequently used by opponents to drain campaign funds of their competitors. Too often candidates wait until a challenge is filed before finding an attorney leaving them scrambling to mount a timely defense. JRMogil Law can help defend you against petition challenges and advise you on the merits of mounting a petition challenge. As former candidates, we understand how hard you work to raise every dollar and are committed to ensuring that money is spent on getting your message to voters - not spent on frivolous legal proceedings.


You’ve spent months and thousands of dollars convincing voters to go to the polls to vote for you.

On Election Day, make sure that your voters are actually able to vote for you. Poll worker confusion, voting machine malfunctions, unexpected polling place conditions and voter intimidation can all impact the number of votes you receive. Don’t leave Election Day to chance. JRMogil Law has over a decade of Voter Protection experience and can help you develop an Election Day Voter Protection Plan, assist with obtaining poll watcher certificates, train poll watchers and represent the campaign in Election Court matters including injunctions and other emergency relief measures.


Your campaign doesn’t end on Election night.

Our political process has never been more polarized or competitive, resulting in very tight race outcomes. Don’t heed the advice of our favorite NBA team and “trust the process.” Make sure your candidacy is represented throughout the post-election process including: recounts, result certification, absentee and vote by mail counts. We’ll also help guide you through the campaign winddown and close-out process to ensure you comply with all campaign finance requirements.

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